Tivoli. Again.

When the Man accidentally books twice as many tickets for entry into Tivoli as needed, and tickets are not refundable, you simply visit Tivoli twice in one week. And when Daughter feels totally at ease with high speed and high altitude entertainment, the consequence is that both of her parents go on more rides in one day than the previous four/five decades. And that’s how I ended up in a rollercoaster today. Talking about stepping out of my comfort zone.


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Solitary shopping

I biked to the city center on my own this morning. I wanted to spend a few hours walking through the city, without the need to keep a five year old happy as well. I grabbed a coffee first, then slowly made my way to Illum and even spent some time in Magasin. Bought some sweaters at a great price and then headed home.



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Louisiana (the museum)

I spent the afternoon in Louisiana, the museum for modern art in Humlebæk. There was a lovely exposition called ‘Mor!’ (Mother). Very appropriate as I became a mother since I was last visiting Louisiana. I also discovered the works of the Swedish artist Mamma Andersson and the Danish artist Asger Jorn. Both the Man and I were very charmed by Andersson’s paintings, as she has a very unique style in her work which feels both realistic and unreal at the same time. Lovely discovery.

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