When big brands go overboard

Daughter has a bag in this model. It’s made of polyester and serves the purpose of keeping her gym clothes together at school. Wearability is very low. So I’m wondering what Gucci was thinking when designing and producing these. And I’m even more curious to know what this adult was thinking when buying it.


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Bad kitchen design

Our dishwasher broke down a few weeks ago (as in caused the leakage circuit to switch while halfway its wash cycle). Tomorrow a new dishwasher will be delivered and installed. Therefore we had to make sure installers can reach the area. Therefore we had to solve the puzzle we choose not to solve when putting in the floor before moving in four years ago: how to remove the planks on the bottom. We tried solving it earlier this week and I shed some tears for not being able to solve it. Yesterday we came to the conclusion that brute force would be the only option Today the Man acted out his masculine side and used the drill and jigsaw to demolish the planks. Luckily we came to the conclusion that indeed this was the only solution to the puzzle.

At least we’ll have a functioning dishwasher tomorrow to free up some time to solve the next puzzle: putting new planks below the kitchen cupboards.



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