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It’s good to see you draw again, Peter. Our minds must have been in sync, because this week I got back to drawing as well.

I got into zentangle drawing five years ago. It was a great way to get my mind of things when I had to deal with losing my first pregnancy and dying parents in law, all within five months time. In the years to follow I didn’t draw as much as in that first year, but every now and then I grabbed a card and a pen to draw something. As I did this week.

My drawing evolved beyond the classic zentangle. I even used some watercolour to add a splash of colour this time. It is not a design that I planned to draw, it is what evolved after drawing the first line, the wave in the bottom half. I started yesterday, and finished it this morning. It is a great reminder to myself that even little bits of time can be used to create something. And that many little bits combined will get you to a finished product as well.

Windmills reinvented?
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A story in two colors

The Dragon and its chicken-pox.

Yesterday, Daughter started drawing a dragon. The dense pink (yes, it’s pink, don’t you dare call it red) stripes in the middle of the paper were the starting point for the dragon’s body. She then expanded the body to the right, slightly upwards, and then to the left, slightly downwards. She gave the dragon eyes. Two dots on the left side of the body above each other. Teeth followed, the horizontal stripes on the left. Then the dragon needed legs. Lots of them. The vertical stripes below the dragon’s body are legs. Somehow the dragon got infected with chicken-pox, hence all the dots above and below the dragon. I impersonated the dragon and told daughter the chicken-pox were itchy. Daugher scratched the dragon’s chicken-pox using her pink marker, covering a lot of dots. She then concluded she missed a few spots, grabbed the yellow marker and continued scratching. Once finished she noticed the effect of the yellow in between all the pink. It became the dragon’s fire.

Until recently Daughter drew random lines on paper. Now she starts to add lines in a purposeful manner. At the same time she incorporates accidental lines and dots into her story. I’m glad I was able to witness how the story developed. The end-result could clearly be mistaken for a bunch of random lines.

Lots to learn here as an adult.

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