A Dutch teenager went to space in a Phallus for a couple of minutes. It inspired Daughter to draw Earth, the moon (with holes), Saturn (with decorations like Jill does (Jill is a TV show presenter who draws stuff)) and a comet.


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A proper Mother’s Day

– artwork by Daughter
– another piece of art by Daughter
– wrapped in gift paper designed by Daughter
– pain au chocolat for breakfast
– 24°C just for one day
– installing hammock in garden seconds before rain (and knowing it will only provide pleasure for today)
– enjoying an hour in the hammock
– sowing the gifted seeds in the garden just before more rain

And other regular Sunday stuff like clearing Daughter’s play area, listening to a fun episode of Science Vs and eating lunch and dinner.



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I’m in bed with a fever. To cheer me up Daughter drew this: me in a candy store. Cake, cupcake and chocolate. Yum!


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