Colours (344)

Many years ago I went to a dance therapist, to help me perform better when singing. One of her assignments was to paint the walls with my hands in as many bright colours as I wanted. Imaginary paint of course. This short video, Chromascope, reminded me of that.

When I saw the paintings Daughter made today and yesterday, I witnessed her joy of simply putting colours to paper. Both the video and Daughter’s art remind me to paint the walls in my home more often.

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Steamer (340)

It’s December fifth. ‘Pakjesavond’, the night (late afternoon) when Sinterklaas and Piet will deliver the gifts. Tomorrow Sinterklaas will go back to Spain (where he lives) on his steam boat. This is Daughter’s interpretation of Sinterklaas’ boat. I wish I had a boat as cheerful as this one.

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