Tears in my eyes

The Man wrote something that made me cry:

[…]I deeply know in my bones what we’ve all gained when freedom of movement kicked in 27 years ago (it’s a tangible sensation every time I personally or professionally do something where there before was a fence), as well as how it makes my professional life possible.


I feel that too, whenever I cross a border. Especially into Germany. Growing up at the border in the north-eastern part of The Netherlands, I clearly remember the obstical it used to be. And then Schengen happened, leaving only a man nodding at the border. And then the EU happened, leaving only a road sign at the border. Germany became part of my life. Now that I live in the midst of this country, I miss the border. I miss having that tangible feeling of being in the midst of the EU. I guess that is why this post made me cry. It reminds me of being part of this wonderful union in Europe. I’m often reminded how Europe simply works, despite its hugely complex political game. I still don’t take it for granted. Daughter might, if she’s lucky.