Yesterday, at the end of the day, my knee started to hurt in a ‘can’t stand on my leg’ kind of way. I had a very bad night as a consequence and a very slow walking and thinking day today. It sure makes me appreciate a healthy state of my body better. Not being to be able to fly to the other side of the earth is something I can accept. Not being able to walk the stairs in my own home is something I can’t accept. Luckily, the pain seems to be less than it was 24 hours ago. Fingers crossed I sleep better this night.

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The effect of the Apple Watch

In the charts below you can clearly see the effect my Apple Watch has on my behaviour. I got it at August 30th. The data before that date is incomplete, as I don’t carry my phone in my pocket around the house. Therefore all data before August 30th only includes outdoor movement. That said, I made a strong commitment to myself to go outside for a brisk walk of at least half an hour every day, starting September, and apart from the days I was ill I stuck with that commitment. It also shows a downward trend so after publishing this I’ll put on my shoes and coat, select a nice podcast to listen to and make my round again.

Number of steps per day I took in 2020
Distance per day I walked (in km) in 2020

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