New pipes

In the middle of a sleepless night I discovered the local home improvement store sells the exact same sifon we have installed in our kitchen, the one that was leaking. The Man went to the store this afternoon to buy it and I fitted the new pipes. Total cost €13 and a bit of gas. Much cheaper than hiring a plumber and it looks like I actually fixed the leakage this time. Power woman strikes once again 💪


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Our old home

We payed a visit to friends, also former neighbours, in Enschede. Daughter wished to see our old home. As our friends still live in the same neighbourhood we walked there to show it to her. Little has changed in four years. Except for Daughter, who was just under one when we left this house and turned five a month ago. She came to the conclusion that our current home looks prettier. I agree with her.



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Serendipitous learning (162)

I was searching for articles on something else when this headline attracted my attention.

How to Make a Happier Home

As we’re currently in our home almost 24/7 and working from home and traveling less will be a reality for a long while still, it’s not a surprise I opened this article. I never realized home design is a topic of scientific research, but it makes a lot of sense to research it since we spend so much time in our homes. Some interesting insights. Wood is good, so at least we made a proper decision on adding a wooden floor to our home before we moved in. Curves are good, so that’s where our home is totally off since it’s a box on a bigger box. High ceilings rock, so our living rooms gives us plenty of headspace, though it’s ratio length versus width is not ideal. The lower ceiling in the kitchen and its cramped feeling invites people to hang out at the dinner table for a chat. And windows are a life line to the outdoors, check on that with two large sliding doors and plenty of light throughout the house.

A day later, again searching for something else, I came across a report by the Happiness Research Institute.

The GoodHome report 2019: what makes a happy home?

According to this report, written together with/for an international home improvement company, there are five core emotions we have around our home: pride, comfort, identity, safety and control. Of these emotions pride is by far the most prevalent one. Some interesting findings in this report are that renovating a crappy bathroom really increases ones happiness with ones home. Perceived spaciousness is more important than actual size of the house. Home ownership doesn’t necessarily make you happier with your home in contrast to renting one. All five emotions are heavily dependent on the adaptability of a house to ones needs over time (more family members, less family members).

There’s way more to read in these two documents. I love serendipitous learning.

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