A day without internet at home is annoying

Yesterday, we spent a working day without internet at home. We decided to switch providers and get an internet only subscription (without TV, which we now have a NLziet subscription for). This saves us about €50 a month. Serious money. The old provider cut us off during the morning, but the new provided would install a new router in the evening. Therefore all I had during the day was internet via my phone. I discovered I switch between devices a lot during the day (iPad for news paper and books, desktop for proper work stuff, laptop for couch work, phone for in between searching). All these switches asked for reconnecting to my phone before connecting to the internet. It quickly became a very unproductive day. I therefore decided to turn to reading, but then discovered how often I wanted to look something up while reading. Checking sources, clarifying terms, following suggestions for further reading. All in all I’m glad we were reconnected at around eight in the evening. Twelve hours without internet at home was more than enough.