Now what?

Did it really happen? Yes. It really happened. Shocking. Also, a little amusing. Amusing to see people breaking into the democratic heart of their own country to…to do what exactly? After watching some footage from inside the building I could hear the mob think: ‘Hey, we’re in! Now what?’ A bit like my parents’ dogs, two Lhasa Apso‘s, who sometimes would be allowed to ‘guard’ the house. Both of them would be on their leash, tied to a pin in the wall of our porch. They barked intensely to every dog that passed. Until one of them broke his leash in the heat of the moment. He just stood their, watching in silence, not sure what to do with his gained freedom.

Nevertheless, the thing that happened yesterday is a logical climax to the four year long story that one man told. Anyone denying the importance of language is a fool. Words do matter.

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Language matters more than you think

A study was done in the use of positive words in research papers.

Male scientists are more likely than female ones to publish work that describes itself as “excellent”, “unique” or “novel”, experts have found – a swagger that appears to reap dividends in respect of how often others reference the research.

The Guardian

This is yet another subtle way how a seemingly insignificant difference in the words men and women use could have a big impact in the long run.

“Here is another example when gender differences, probably imposed by unconscious cultural norms on both authors and editors, lead to divergent outcomes,” she said. “Because publishing itself has so much impact on career progression, this finding has significant implications. Academic processes and institutions need to pay much more attention to what gets published where, why and by whom.”

Prof Athene Donald, University of Cambridge in The Guardian
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