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One of Daughter’s new books, kindly gifted by Sinterklaas Grandma, includes the challenge to spot all the letters on one page that put together form a word. Daughter was up for this challenge. We both searched for the letters and Daughter wrote them down. I then spelled the correct order to form the word. Just drawing letters gets a bit boring after a while. Hence the decoration.

I was a bit surprised how easily she recognised all the letters and wrote them down. It’s not something we practiced before. So here you go. Daughter’s first words put to paper.

On to the next stage of learning language.


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Back to school?

I’m at the brink of signing up for the data & AI course at Techionista Academy. I’ve been looking for a way to up my skills on the data front for a few years now. So far, the courses I looked at were either too time intensive or too expensive. The one at Techionista I can afford. Due to Covid-19 they do the entire course online, which gives me great flexibility while taking care of Daughter after school. Following the part-time schedule for 22 weeks leaves a bit of time left doing work for clients as well. And a 22 week long course, starting the second week of January, will give me something to focus on during the long winter months while we wait for the salvation of covid-19 through vaccination programs or, in case vaccines are useless, until the weather allows us to meet outdoors again. The only downside: I will have to use Windows because Techionista partners with Microsoft. I can live with that.

The mere thought of going back to school makes me nervous, though. My last exam was sixteen years ago. I was so glad the days of working for grades was over. Nevertheless, if I indeed sign up for the class and pass the exams in June 2021, I will be a Microsoft Azure certified data nerd at the beginning of Summer 2021. How does that sound?

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A story in two colors

The Dragon and its chicken-pox.

Yesterday, Daughter started drawing a dragon. The dense pink (yes, it’s pink, don’t you dare call it red) stripes in the middle of the paper were the starting point for the dragon’s body. She then expanded the body to the right, slightly upwards, and then to the left, slightly downwards. She gave the dragon eyes. Two dots on the left side of the body above each other. Teeth followed, the horizontal stripes on the left. Then the dragon needed legs. Lots of them. The vertical stripes below the dragon’s body are legs. Somehow the dragon got infected with chicken-pox, hence all the dots above and below the dragon. I impersonated the dragon and told daughter the chicken-pox were itchy. Daugher scratched the dragon’s chicken-pox using her pink marker, covering a lot of dots. She then concluded she missed a few spots, grabbed the yellow marker and continued scratching. Once finished she noticed the effect of the yellow in between all the pink. It became the dragon’s fire.

Until recently Daughter drew random lines on paper. Now she starts to add lines in a purposeful manner. At the same time she incorporates accidental lines and dots into her story. I’m glad I was able to witness how the story developed. The end-result could clearly be mistaken for a bunch of random lines.

Lots to learn here as an adult.

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