Read: The Very Nice Box

The Very Nice Box, written by Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman

I bought this book at Shakespeare and Company in Paris last August. It is written by two authors and something about their picture and the front cover convinced me to buy it. Only after finishing reading the book I searched for the authors. They turn out to be neighbours, living in Brooklyn, New York.

I wish I had a neighbour I could write a novel with.

It was a pleasant read after the somewhat depressing end (understatement) of the previous book I read. You could call The Very Nice Box a love story. Or a story about dealing with traumatic loss. Or a satire on modern office life. Or a critique on white male privilege. Or a novel about relationships in a 21st century queer friendly environment. The combination of all these elements made it fun to keep reading. It’s not deep, but it’s a story filled with current themes as a backdrop. And they even managed to squeeze in a turn of events right near the end of the story that kept me turning the pages until I finished it. I recommend it for light reading.