Logo play

The past few days I have been working on a better way to present myself professionally. The text I wrote on my business website a few years ago doesn’t really represent the variety of work I currently do. While writing down all the stuff I loved doing in the past and things I work on now, I discovered there actually is a common thread running through all these projects. I’ve always thought they were a random bunch to pay the bills, but looking back at all the projects I did, they were about sharing. Like when I led a project to build a social platform for farmers in African countries. I enabled others to have a better platform for sharing. Or when I created a personal documentary for someones birthday. Completely different than building a community platform, but through filming I enabled the family to share their love for this person. And when I look at the work I do for TGL I enable them to share better and more safely internally.

So while rewriting the front page of my other site, I felt the need for a bit of visual tinkering with ‘the brand’ called Storymines. I started with the notion of ‘sharing’. In Dutch that is called ‘delen’ and we use the same word for ‘division’. Therefore I started simple (typeface Futura).


Then I put reaching arms around the symbol (using a different type: DIN condensed).


I started associating with tree roots. Digging below the surface. Mining is an association that comes with the company name.


I got rid of the division line and placed a tree stem in there. It now resembles a microphone on a tripod as well, very fitting for someone who records interviews for clients and podcast episodes.


Further exploration of the tree roots/tripod. Putting back the division line.


Simplifying it, turning it upside down and adding a circle. The roots become more like eye lashes.


The simplified version back on its feet.


And adding a circle, black this time.


Number 5 contains too much lines to my taste. Numbers 1 and 8 come very close to how minimal I want a logo to be. And I love the symbolic value of number 4 while still being minimalist. I’m not sure whether any one of these logos will make its way to my website, but it sure was a lot of fun tinkering with basic shapes to design a logo. And I wouldn’t be sharing this unless I was curious about your opinion, so let me know which ones you like or dislike.