The sly tactics of a candy manufacturer

Last week Daughter received a gift from school:

The text on the card is a message from the team of Daughter’s school. They are happy and proud for us managing online schooling the past weeks. Attached to the card below was a roll of mentos.

I felt disappointment in the decision of school to fall for such a marketing tactic, but I can forgive them for wanting to make a gesture in these unprecedented times. This was probably offered to the school at no cost. Any school direction rather invests in teaching materials than candy, so when something like this is sent their way for free it’s logical they fall for it.

However, I’m really mad at the sly tactic of mentos’ marketing team. This is a highly unethical way to promote your unhealthy product at a time when most kids have been spending too much time indoors, eating too much comfort food anyway.

I’m livid that these kind of marketing techniques are still allowed. Schools should not be allowed to receive these kind of offers from any company other than producers of educational products and services. A roll of mentos does not fall in that category.