Project Pink

I haven’t shared it here before, but in February Daughter’s best friend thought it to be a good idea to redecorate Daughter’s bedroom. Daughter went along with her friend. They covered a lot before I went into the room and caught the two of them. Obviously I was disappointed with Daughter for doing the one thing I told her not to do with the markers she was allowed in her room to draw on her magnetic drawing board the Man and I bought for her a month before. Lots of tears were shed, as Daughter hates being naughty.

Afterwards she confided in me that she thought the walls in her room were boring. I painted those walls two years before. She was still a baby when she moved into this room and I chose to keep the room as stimulus free as possible. I painted the walls with shades of grey. I knew at one point she would want something else. That point came in February. But I couldn’t jump in the car and buy paint at the spot. That would almost feel like handing Daughter the biggest present in her life for doing something wrong. So we made a deal. We wouldn’t redecorate until after summer holidays. Until then she had to live with the consequences of her actions.

Summer holidays came and went. Summer turned into Autumn so I couldn’t postpone my end of the deal. This week’s autumn break created an opportunity to spend a few days painting the walls in Daughter’s bedroom. I promised her she could pick the colors herself. She wanted pink. I managed to talk her into a toned down version of pink and she agreed. I added a touch of creativity to make it even less boring. It took two days to prepare the walls, paint them (and the door), and let it dry.

Project Pink is now finished.

Daughter was very excited to see her walls pink. She is very happy with the end result. She even rewarded me with a medal. Mommy points in the pocket! (And I have to confess, I’m rather pleased with the end result as well. It is now a bright and cosy room.)