Acting like a tourist in Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam to meet a friend who very recently moved back to The Netherlands after living in Dublin for some years. A very pleasant morning catching up. Afterwards I wanted to grab some lunch before taking the train home. Close to Central station I found a place to sit down and ordered a pancake. Like a tourist would.

(Apparently pancakes are a thing in Amsterdam. I passed so many restaurants advertising with pancakes within the one kilometer I walked!)


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Breakfast (and lunch, and dinner)

One of the perks of North America: portion sizes. I ordered pancakes and that’s what I got. A lot of them. With extra maple sirup on the side despite the fact that the pancakes were already drenched in sirup. Hey, you’re in Canada, you can never have too much maple sirup. Worst and best breakfast ever! And no, I didn’t finish it, I want to enjoy something else for dinner tonight 😉

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