Flowers for art (39)

When I saw photos from Margriet Smulders yesterday, I immediately had to think of Peter’s work on repurposing the flowers he received. There is so much more you can do with flowers than stick them in a vase.

photograph by Margriet Smulders

The gallery owner present at Haute Photography told me that the process for creating such a floral wildlife is very complicated. Therefore she is only able to make six to eight new compositions per year. I can imagine it is more complicated than just throwing flowers in water. The picture I took is not representative of the photo’s vivid colour and delicate chaos, but it’s all I can afford.

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Never-ending doubt (34)

I’ve been following Sean Tucker on youtube for a while now. He is a photographer and takes a different approach to his channel. He focuses more on the why of photography, not the how. I love his philosphical approach to photography, and the images he produces.

Yesterday, I watched a video in which he features Fiona Lark, a photographer who takes self-portraits, mainly in the Lake District (UK). I hadn’t heard of her before, but I instantly fell in love with her work. Her images have a very poetic feel to them.

I’m struck by her confessions of her self-doubt, and the cycle she goes through. It is something I recognize whole heartedly, but to hear someone, who so obviously is creating something so wonderful, can still suffer from this phenomenon of never-ending doubt is almost like a punch in the stomache: no matter how good you are, you will always doubt yourself. That hurts.

After watching Lark’s work I want to move to a landscape that is visually more exciting than the featureless ‘polders’ I live next to. But then again, I would probably would never get up at five in the morning to take pictures, not matter where I’d live.

Sadly, Lark’s main channel for sharing is Instagram. Therefore I’m only able to see a few of het pictures, before I’m prompted to sign up and unable to view the rest of her work. She does sell some of her work on Etsy, though. Very tempting!

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That day you have to acknowledge you need a flash

Two former colleagues organized a conference to celebrate their company exists ten years. They asked me to take pictures. I love taking photos and I love these two women so of course I said yes. I did have a challenge though. Since I don’t own a fancy ‘just bump up the ISO’ camera, and it was…

… I therefore feared to end up with blurry or grainy pictures. Not the kind of pictures I intended to give to my friends.

Therefore I did what I have put of for ten years (when I bought my first DSLR): I bought a flash.

Did I tell you I hate photos taken with a flash?

That is not entirely true. Of course I love portraits taken with flash lights. I even asked a friend who owns a full studio set up to take portraits of me and the Man. I asked another friend, a professional, to take my portrait when pregnant with Daughter. Flash lights were involved.

What I hate is pictures taken with a flash light that kill the atmosphere. Not the kind of pictures that I intend to give to my friends.

Therefore I had to come up with a solution to prevent both grainy and atmosphere killing pictures of a once in a lifetime conference party. So I did what everyone does who wants to find a solution: I youtubed my ass off for a few days. My search clarified a lot.

I couldn’t pretend to be a forever flashless photographer any longer. When taking pictures in dark corners one needs light (to shine a light on the dark deeds). I discovered that a flash needs accessories to prevent killing the atmosphere. And the last lesson was using a flash requires practice. With only one day left before the event, I knew what to do.

I strapped Daughter in her car seat and drove to my preferred camera shop. I bought a second hand flash and an accessory kit to diffuse the light coming from the flash. I went to a nearby coffee shop and treat Daughter to cake. I drove home. I attached the flash to the camera. I took hundreds of pictures (of a very patient Daughter).

One afternoon practice was all I had, but it gave me just enough confidence I would be able to use it the day after.

And so I did. And the flash was an absolute picture saver.My friends were very pleased with the result.

Mission taking pictures during a once in a lifetime event accomplished.

My friends posing with their anniversary cakes. Made possible due to flash.
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