One of Daughter’s school assignments this week is to stack a bunch of cups and throw at them. Instead of waisting plastic cups on this game (to decorate as snow men (current class theme is ‘winter’)) I dug out the reusable ones we use for our unconferences. Daughter has been throwing balls in the hallway ever since.

This afternoon I came down from my office to find them neatly stacked and sorted by colour. Daughter’s own theme these weeks is ‘rainbows’ 😉


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A first time for everything (345)

As a child I barely played with dolls. I owned one big doll, a boy, and never owned barbie dolls. Daughter is very unlike me. She loves playing role games and asked for Frozen dolls. Sinterklaas gave them to her. As a result I (am forced to) play with ‘barbie’ dolls. There’s a first time for everything 😉


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Reminder to self: sit on a swing more often

Thurday afternoon, blue sky, temperature above 10 ˚C, a perfect afternoon to head to the zoo, making good use of our yearly subscription. A lot of animals were taking it slow for the holiday season, but the real benefit was being able to watch the animals undisturbed. We saw more people working at the zoo than other visitors. It was the kind of afternoon Daughter had the opportunity to test all the playful things the zoo put there without being pushed aside by brats (f/m).

Daughter testing her monkey skills

One our way to the exit we made a final stop at a big playground. I took the opportunity to sit at a swing that was well proportioned for my size. It was a very good one, because I went high pretty quickly and it just went on and on without putting in effort. As I sat there going back and forth, putting my feet in the air, I noticed that particular feeling in my stomach you only have when you drop a few feet unexpectedly. I thought of the last time I felt that and couldn’t remember it. It was that long ago. Right there and then I embraced the moment, let in that feeling of joy, got a big smile on my face and reminded myself to sit on a swing more often. All before Daughter summoned me to get of that darn swing and pretend to be someone who was in dire need of an ambulance doctor. It was a most exccellent afternoon at the zoo.

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