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De podcast is online!

Eindelijk, eindelijk. De podcast is te beluisteren. Ik wist niet dat het zoveel (uitzoek)werk was om een podcast te lanceren. Althans, als je het perfectionistisch aanloopt zoals ik. Er moest natuurlijk wel een ‘brand’ omheen gebouwd, dus de naam verzinnen, een nieuwe website het internet op krijgen, een illustratie zoeken en geschikt maken voor de cover. Het koste ook best wel veel tijd om te beslissen welke podcasthoster mijn klandizie ging verdienen (het is toch weer een paar honderd euro per jaar voor iets waarvan ik nog niet weet wat het gaat opleveren). En dan moest ik ook nog alles netjes publiceren, zodat de juiste RSS-feed door Apple, de belangrijkste podcastdatabase in de wereld, geverifieerd kon worden.

Maar nu is ‘ie er hoor. Te downloaden in je favoriete podcast app (zoek op ‘ervaring geen bezwaar’) of te beluisteren in spotify. Of simpelweg door nu op play te klikken hieronder (downloaden kan ook).

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A new project

I already gave a few hints in the past few weeks about an upcoming project. Well, I’m getting into podcasting. I wrote extensively about the what and why of this project on my company blog (in Dutch). To summarize: I’m going to interview women about their profession and will explicitly not ask them how they’re managing their work-life balance with kids and husbands and doing the dishes.

I’ve done interviews before, plenty of them. Doing interviews for a podcast is a whole different game, though. All of a sudden my own voice is part of the end-product. I prepared by listening to a lot of podcasts in the past few months. Now it’s a matter of doing it and see what the end-result will be.

Last Friday I did my first interview and am currently in the process of reviewing the material. I’m aiming to finish editing and publishing it next week.

And by the way, if you have any tips on what service to use for podcast hosting, please let me know. There are so many services to choose from, that I suffer from choice overload.

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European Podcast found: The Europeans

In September I asked whether anyone knew a European equivalent of This American Life, a very well known US podcast show. Well, today during my search for a European based podcast hosting company I stumbled upon the website of The Europeans podcast show. When I went to take a look at their Twitter feed I saw that they relaunched the show today. Serendipity in its purest form!


What I can tell from their website is that the show has been running since 2017, but now received funding from the European Cultural Foundation. That’s why they were able to create new episodes.

I can’t wait to have some time to listen to the latest episode.

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