Sketching (48)

I have been toying with the idea to learn how to sketch using watercolour, but have been postponing execution. So I took the opportunity of a week in France to put myself in an uncomfortable situation. I brought my sketchbook and watercolour box to France and left my story notebook at home. After my friends left to go skiing, I dared to unveil a white page in my sketchbook and start sketching. I chose the landscape I could see through the window.

The view
The sketch
Sketch in watercolour

Things I learned:

  • the small brush in the box is too small for the size of the sketch;
  • I tend to use too much colour;
  • I need to better learn how to add depth;
  • Daughter is not as patient to let me finish my sketch, therefore the trees were added in a bit of a rush;
  • I matured: I have tamed my inner perfectionist and am even willing to share something that is obviously the work of an amateur.

On to the next sketch.