Communication does count

I’ve often been skeptical about my own trade: communication. A lot of emphasis is being put on marketing, advertising and sales, all of which I’m not fond of, to make an understatement. But then during my very first session during Crafting {:} a Life someone reminded me of the true value of communicating the right way.

We were talking about how to learn to ask better questions and make the person you talk to feel heard. This topic was introduced by someone who works as a vet and gives classes to students. As a vet it is important to retrieve the right information of your client and make them feel comfortable. The three things he teaches his students:

  1. Gathering information through open ended questions;
  2. Reflective listening;
  3. Empathy.

During our discussion the vet revealed insurance companies lower fees for those who attended these communication courses. Insurance companies don’t give rebates for no reason, so there must be data to support that communication skills do matter. I’m glad I was reminded of this.