Now what?

Did it really happen? Yes. It really happened. Shocking. Also, a little amusing. Amusing to see people breaking into the democratic heart of their own country to…to do what exactly? After watching some footage from inside the building I could hear the mob think: ‘Hey, we’re in! Now what?’ A bit like my parents’ dogs, two Lhasa Apso‘s, who sometimes would be allowed to ‘guard’ the house. Both of them would be on their leash, tied to a pin in the wall of our porch. They barked intensely to every dog that passed. Until one of them broke his leash in the heat of the moment. He just stood their, watching in silence, not sure what to do with his gained freedom.

Nevertheless, the thing that happened yesterday is a logical climax to the four year long story that one man told. Anyone denying the importance of language is a fool. Words do matter.

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Words do matter

The words you speak and your tone of voice do matter while communicating. Listening to Biden’s speech I caught myself thinking what a reasonable man he sounded like. So unusual for a man about to run that big messed up country. Hopefully Biden’s moderate tone of voice can bring divided families back to the dinner table again.

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Adobe cuts off customers because of politics

If you pay a monthly fee for software (Adobe, Microsoft, Evernote, etc etc) realise you are not buying the software, you only have a monthly subscription with the company providing access to that software. Do not depend on it being there. You can be cut off at moment’s notice. (The same might be true for some things, like a John Deere tractorby the way.)

Ton Zijlstra on Adobe cutting of Venezuelan customers due to US embargo

Ton writes what I thought when I heard the news. Though Adobe is not to blame (they don’t decide to stop trading with Venezuela), being dependent on companies that operate globally but are subject to laws in one country, their subscription model is a black swan. I’m a creative cloud customer and would not be able to do my job without access to their tools.

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