It looked like yet another warm winter day from the inside. In reality a chilly northern wind required gloves, which I obviously left at home. Nevertheless fresh air (full of pollen) was exactly what I needed after a training to improve my LinkedIn profile. A short round outside definitely improved my internal profile.


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Back on track

After one day being crippled, one day of feeling mweh, and one day of deliberate slowness I can now happily make my outdoor rounds again. Go knee!


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The effect of the Apple Watch

In the charts below you can clearly see the effect my Apple Watch has on my behaviour. I got it at August 30th. The data before that date is incomplete, as I don’t carry my phone in my pocket around the house. Therefore all data before August 30th only includes outdoor movement. That said, I made a strong commitment to myself to go outside for a brisk walk of at least half an hour every day, starting September, and apart from the days I was ill I stuck with that commitment. It also shows a downward trend so after publishing this I’ll put on my shoes and coat, select a nice podcast to listen to and make my round again.

Number of steps per day I took in 2020
Distance per day I walked (in km) in 2020

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Weird and old trees (312)

I went for a walk in the woods around Wolfheze with my oldest brother this morning. 8,5km to catch up in perfect autumn weather conditions: no wind, no clouds, 5-11°C.

We came across this weirdly shaped tree.


And later we marvelled at the “thousand year old pine tree” which in fact was diagnosed as being about 400 years old when it fell during a storm in 2006. It is now food for other forest foliage.


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