Heading into town

There is nothing better than getting back into family routine after a week of travel. We had some shopping to do downtown so together we first went to Riposo to have lunch, Italian style. We love this tiny restaurant for its three or four course weekly menu. Since going out for family diner is not always convenient with a three year old that crashes around seven thirty, having extended lunch suits us much better. The Daughter loves going to a restaurant and she loves pasta. Riposo has it all.

Lunch at Riposo

Afterwards we did our shopping. Some new tea (Nilgiri green) and filters. A new moleskin and shoes for the Man (didn’t find the right pair he needs, but bought different pair as a lucky find). A new blowdryer for the girls (Solis Swiss made).

The Daughter helps fitting shoes.

All in all it was a lovely Saturday afternoon, just the three of us, chatting, walking, eating, observing. Just the way I like it.