It’s Sunday morning and together with Man and Daughter I visit the very large market in Bretignolles-sur-mer. After browsing and buying (food for a picnic and dress for Daughter) we sit down in a café to have a quick coffee. The large table is made of reclaimed pieces of wood on a table frame, sloppily painted, as you can see in this picture.


Then Daughter asks:

“Is this table also made by Georges Braque?”

I rewind her question in my head, because I must have misunderstood her. I repeat her question to her and indeed she asked me whether Georges Braque, the painter who we saw some paintings of in Rouen last week, created this table. I take a good look at the table to see why she associates this one with Braque. Noticing the colours I see they could have been on Braque’s palette. Then I take a good look at Daughter. Three years old and already a proper observer of art.