Months ago, the Man and I came across a new furniture brand: KILO. Small stools were on display in the shop of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. They caught my eye because one: they came in lovely colours; two: their design was lovely; three: they were made of plywood; four: they came in flat packs to take with you. We almost bought a stool at the spot, but the package was a bit too heavy to carry around in public transport. We did take a folder home to be able to order online.

As always the folder ended up on our dining table and on top of it grew a never ending pile of stuff. A couple of weeks ago I rediscovered the folder in a futile attempt to get rid of that pile. The stool still looked lovely and after being, once again, annoyed with the lack of a proper side-table next to the couch (something to do with Daughter using it as chair for one of her cuddle toys (the ones we use now are made of cardboard and are strong enough to sit or stand on (and were so cheap I couldn’t care less about them getting broken so Daughter is allowed to used them as she pleases (but they are so well designed they don’t break (and how do you break cardboard anyway))))) the Man finally entered the magic numbers in KILO’s online shop.

Yesterday the package arrived. The promise KILO makes: no screws, nails or glue. That is true. It did take a hammer and quite some effort from my arm to hammer the stool into shape, though (and patience from Daughter who wanted to play with the hammer). I had to improvise a bit as well when I hit one of its legs a millimeter too far, preventing the other to slide into place, but I managed to correct my error (causing a tiny crack in the coating). It is such a tight fit, I don’t think I will be ever able to take it apart again. The end result is our own kiloBar (colour Pewter). We’ll test drive this one to see if more will follow. First impression: it wobbles a tiny bit (with four legs, that’s almost always the case).

kiloBar in pieces with instructions
Three layers inside the package. The bright blue piece is used for hammering on.
kilo’s brand mark
kiloBar all set to use as side table/stool