Jean Golding is one of those scientists who’s name we should remember for a very long time. She started the ALSPAC study:

Golding’s idea for Alspac was considered “crazy … impossible”, she admits, when she first proposed following every pregnancy in the Bristol area with a due date between April 1991 and December 1992, and then studying the parents and children as they grew.

from The Guardian

She was told to focus on one topic only, but she wanted to do this study differently:

The whole point was to collect as much information as possible – including data they didn’t yet have a use for – maximising the ability to make unexpected connections.

A crucial decision she made:

She wanted it to be open access too, and Alspac now has more than 800 registered users in dozens of countries. 

And according to the article in The Guardian the 2000th paper based on the data from ALSPAC was published. Her decision to open up the data made that possible.

Jean Golding, a scientific hero!