Since last Wednesday all the (known) names of Dutch citizens who were brutally deported and murdered by the nazi’s are being read in Kamp Westerbork. It is an attempt to make everyone realize how many people, with a name, a life, aspirations and sorrows were wiped from this planet.

Earlier this morning (CET), they started reading the names starting with W. It is the first letter of my last name. Could I have been on that list? Whenever I hear a name and the age two years of age, three years of age, four years of age, ….

They will finish the list later today, because on this day seventyfive years ago Auschwitz was liberated, but so many people, to this day, live with the consequences of what one man thought was the best version of mankind. The older I get, the less I grasp the phenomenon of racism.

Watch the livestream here or here.