I had an appointment in Utrecht this morning so I took the 9:09 train on Friday, which was one of the new Sprinters. Since the train was covered in dirt (to an extend I was wondering what snow storm it had to plough through before arriving at my station, which would be totally unlikely since 8 ˚C is a temperature impossible to cause a snowmageddon), including its windows, I had ample time to inspect the train on the inside. Surprisingly enough, the ceiling caught my eye. I never expected for someone to put a lot of thought in ceiling design, but to my suprise, this one had an interesting pattern of holes. Together with the blue and white lights it made an interesting abstract decor.

Ceiling design on new Sprinter

This could have been the end of my story, but on my way back, taking a different route, I sat in a redecorated Intercity (a ‘dubbeldekker’) and when my eyes looked up I got treated to….butterflies!

Ceiling design on Intercity

But not only on the ceiling….

Butterflies on the table
Butterfly coat hanger
Butterfly speaker

Perhaps they went a bit overboard on this one 😉