Tonight I enjoyed a girls only dinner since the Man was having his with his colleagues. We put on a dinner playlist from spotify. Not too loud, because “we want to have a nice chat during dinner”, as Daughter put it.

After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and Daughter was buried in a book she selected from the library last week (a pink book about a princess with lots of glitter on all the pages, who wouldn’t want to read that!?). It was right then when I realised how happy I felt by doing the ordinary things.

Being very much aware how frail life is, I embraced this totally ordinary evening to the fullest. Hugging Daughter, participating in her role playing game (she is Sinterklaas, I’m Piet), brushing her teeth, reading her stories, kissing her good night. When I think of it all these rituals are extraordinary. They build a connection between two human beings that will last a lifetime, however long that may be.