Since two weeks, Daughter is practicing on her ‘new’ bike. Her dearest friend got a bigger one, so she is now the proud loaner of her friends’ first bike. Daughter knows really well how to balance on two wheels on her walking bike, so I hoped we could skip the sidewheels phase, but when Daughter says no, she really means no. She refused to touch the bike until I caved in and put on the side wheels. Ever since, she rides her bike as much as possible. Even at the end of the day after a tiring day in daycare she loves to ride her bike up and down the side walk in our street. And that’s also one of the biggest problems. There are many courtyards in our street from which cars can appear. Some hedges are so high they prevent cardrivers from seeing whether a pedestrian is approaching. So little humans on tiny bikes can be easily overlooked. Therefore we needed to get a long flag for Daughter’s bike, so the chances of her being overlooked decline.

As it’s a beautiful day today we decided to get her a safety flag at the bikeshop, about 2,5 kilometers from our home. Daughter was absolutely sure her legs were capable of going there AND back and thus she persuaded me to walk there while she was cycling.

On our way to the bike shop
Coffee break before heading home.
And off again, accessorised.
And the flag reaches above the hedges.
And of course, an Elsa-bell

She indeed cycled all the way by herself. 5,5 kilometers in total. It was a wonderful way to get my daily exercise.