In my previous post, I embedded a YT video. I am fully aware of the trackers an embed comes with, yet I did it anyway. The main reason: I know people are generally lazy browsers so clicking on a link is already a lot of work. A second reason: I placed the embed at a position in the article when it’s logical to watch the video before reading on. If I’d put in a link saying something like ‘go watch the video on YT before reading on’, you either click on the link, go to YT and get distracted with all the other wonderful videos YT has to offer you, or you don’t click the link, read on and don’t know what I’m talking about.

So from a communicative perspective (as is my original profession), embedding a video makes a lot of sense to make the entire reading experience better, but that also means Google is watching you when you’re reading my post or visiting my website (unless you have an ad-blocker running in your browser).

Is this a bad thing? Do you feel uncomfortable when I embed a video in a post? Should I stop embedding videos? Really interested to hear your point of view on this.