We have an interesting situation in this tiny country at the end of the rivers. Too much water, and too little still. Too much water due to endless showers, too little due to two dry summers.

I was curious what the current situation is. Surely there must be data available. A quick search led me to the site droogtemonitor.nl. It has the option to show some visualisations of average drought for the last month, quarter, half year and year.

The most recent data available was last Friday.


You can clearly see there are some parts still too dry, despite all the rain that fell. This week has seen even more rain.

When you consider where we come from, it’s good to know that most areas recovered from two extreme dry summers.


At the same time our water authorities in the north are busy pumping surplus water into the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee and some rivers flow beyond their usual borders. It is a weird mix of news around water management in our country this year. But I’ve accepted there is no normal when we’re talking about weather any more.