I’m sipping my morning tea at a very large table. I look out the window while writing (yes, to a certain degree I can type without looking at the screen and keyboard). I see mountains, covered in snow. My writing location is a small village. Core business of this village is hosting lots of people who like to ski. Ski lifts, the ones with open seats, go up, carrying skiers in all sorts of colours to the top of the slope.

I’m here together with Man, Daughter and friends. We rented a house in this village, that during summertime only resides about 350 people. I’m not here for skiing. I’m here because I and the Man said yes to our friends when they asked us if we’d like to join them on their skiing trip. We both want to give Daughter lots of experiences therefore a winter holiday, playing in the snow, is something we don’t want to say no to. And lets be honest, we like playing in the snow just as much, especially with an almost four year old.

But sitting here, enjoying the view, I also feel uncomfortable. Current outside temperature is 6˚C. Yesterday, when we stopped for lunch at the highway driving towards our destination, it was 14˚C and even the polluted air next to the highway scented of spring. What should be the middle of Alpine winter, feels more like the beginning of spring. Back home, we have experienced the longest autumn I can remember. The birds in our garden are not as desparate for food as last winter and some plants already show some green leaves.

While I finish my tea, I wonder: what will winter be like for Daughter? Will we make winter holiday a ritual for her, so she can learn how to ski (as her parents didn’t get a chance to)? Or will winter holidays be soon a ritual of the past in Europe?

I have already accepted that the knowledge I gained about what normal is for a season in Europe is useless. I have accepted to just go with whatever is presented in front of me. So today, I accept that I’m looking at white mounains, take a final sip of my tea, Daughter is playing outside in the snow with Man, my friends went up the mountain to ski and the air outside is scented with spring.