Last Saturday I scheduled online reading time with two of my new friends and their kids. We met several years ago during singing classes for toddlers. Our kids are about the same age and over time our friendship grew. Since Daughter has little to no interaction with kids her age, I suggested to read stories to our kids. Our first meeting was last Saturday using Facetime. It was lovely to hang out with each other for a while and see our kids enjoy listening to new stories. We repeated this today. Earlier this week I decided to get a subscription to Zoom so I could host the meeting. Watching each other on a computer screen beats small iPhone screens.

Now that I have a Zoom subscription I will host a family coffee meet up next Saturday. I’m wondering what else I could do. Long distance podcasting is an option, but am not sure what the topic should be. How do people work in isolation? Fictional stories? I’m curious what kind of stories you would love to hear.