My work is less deadline prone than Man’s work this week, so I’m Chief Daughter this week. As a result I’ve spent more time outside than I normally do. Luckily these first days of social distancing are blessed with wonderful early spring weather. A bit on the chilly side, but plenty of sunshine, which we’ve been seriously lacking this past winter.

This morning Daughter and I made a round through the neighbourhood. We had a coffee at a friends’ place. I just wanted to check in with them, but they invited us in. It did feel a bit awkward to step inside, but we washed our hands and kept our distance. A minor gamble. My friends have teenage sons, one of which is preparing for final school exams. The other son had his first online class interaction. To be honoust, I’m impressed how quickly schools adjust to online teaching.

Afterwards we went to the parc. We are blessed with a large green space close by to play football, bike freely and have a (distant) chat with other parents. Daughter’s closest friend lives adjacent to the parc, and she was playing there as well. It’s a pleasant way to spend the morning watching those two girls play together.

I do suffer a bit from bore-out. Entertaining an almost four year old all day long is not exactly mentally challenging. Daughter is currently in a phase that she finds it difficult to play on her own. That makes working in between nearly impossible. Especially considering the endless stream of questions she fires at me whenever I long for a bit of quiet. Yay for her curiousity, but she just never stops. Explaining things when normal life just turned upside down makes it even harder to answer the never ending ‘why’.

Nevertheless I managed to enjoy the hours outside with Daughter. Nothing is normal and yet, a lot of things keep being the same.