I clearly remember my excitement when I visited the LEGO store in Copenhagen many years ago when the Man and I resided there for a month. We discovered you could remix your own mini-figures. We chose to create a figure for each of my family members and give them as a present for Sinterklaas, accompanied by a poem. I never made one for myself and I’ve regretted that for a long time.

And then LEGO announced the opening of a store in Utrecht. I visited the store just before holiday season, but it was overly crowded. It took a few months to find a good excuse to visit the store again, but Daughter got a whole bunch of new Duplo from her uncle and aunt last weekend therefore she was in desperate need of a new floor board to build stuff on. Or so I told her. Where better to buy one than at the LEGO store?!

I took Daughter to Utrecht and among other things, we spent a lot of time in the store. It was really quiet so we had plenty of time to build stuff, look at the big boxes and play with the statues. Surprisingly enough their Duplo boards were sold out, but an employee showed the Duplo bricks fit on a LEGO board as well. Daughter already set her eyes on the biggest grey board (which I found dull and a bit too big), but if big buildings of Duplo need to fit on there, the bigger, the better. And of course we remixed three mini-figures to take home.

I concluded I now live at optimal distance from a LEGO store. Far enough to prevent constant temptation, close enough to just hop on the train and pay a visit.

The mini-figures Daughter created.
And the immediate disassembly at home for another remix.