As there is not that much exciting stuff happening in our home, I’m thankful for the birds visiting our garden. Daughter and I had breakfast while the pigeons entertained us this morning. They still seem to have their eyes set on a spot on the fence between our and our neighbour’s garden to build a nest. I say nest, but pigeons are the worst nest builders. Last year a couple tried to settle on eight twigs loosely put together in between the bamboo on our balcony, dangling above the water next to our house. So their current spot is already a big improvement over last year’s attempt. This morning one of them had a nice and long twig in its mouth to add to their new nest. The pigeon tried and tried, but the twig was too long to fit in between the branches to get to the nest. Together with Daughter I observed how persistent it was, but at the end the twig fell and the pigeon looked puzzled. I applauded the pigeon for trying so long. A good lesson to teach Daughter, since she is the kind of person to give up after one try. The things you learn while having breakfast.