Daughter’s school dropped a bomb in my mailbox this afternoon. A classic communicative manoeuvre. Bring the bad news last minute before the weekend starts. In this case, before a two week long spring break starts.

In this email they announced that Daughter’s group will not start come May 11th, the day schools are reopening. The teachers are needed for existing groups therefore kids who would start in this new class cannot. You can imagine the words I uttered reading this mail. This is not a great start for our relationship with this school, to make an understatement.

The outlook on another three months of full-time Daughtertainment immediately forced me into adult mode. Within five minutes I sent an email to Daughter’s daycare center to explore possibilities of extending our contract (which ends end of May). Much to my surprise they responded within half an hour. They checked and Daughter can stay in her group on her three regular days until the start of the new school year. Big sigh of relief.

To be honest it’s a great deal, since we hadn’t arranged anything for the summer holidays yet. The original plan included a long vacation walking in the Austrian mountains and sleep-over parties at various family members. The original plan is most likely off the table, so an extended vacationless contract with daycare is in fact our best option.

Weekend saved of endless worrying. Though I’m still mad at the school for communicating in such a classically wrong way.