Iris Hond, a well-known Dutch piano player and composer, played a concert in the Concertgebouw, without an audience. She introduces what she’s playing in Dutch. The first piece she plays is her own composition which she started writing when we were first confronted with stay at home measures due to corona. After that she plays some pieces from Einaudi.

I find it lovely to listen to and watch her playing. As an experience I find it better than a live recording with an audience. Nobody coughs through the concert. It’s like listening to a record, but seeing the artist at work at the same time. As an experienced stage performer (I used to play oboe in various orchestras) I do know that playing for an audience changes your own performance, though. From an artists’ perspective playing on stage in an empty theater is not what you want. But it’s better than not performing at all.

You can watch more performances on Concertgebouw’s channel. Enjoy watching/listening.