When Daughter became a toddler, walking about, making sense of the world, asking questions with her excellent use of language, I projected her and me in a few years’ time sitting on the couch watching movies together on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Today that projected future is here.

It was a Sunday morning. The rain started falling halfway through the film and indeed we cuddled on the couch, covering ourselves with the MacAuslands blanket the Man and I bought in 2008. Not in a million years did I envision this future when we brought home this blanket from Prince Edward Island.

We watched Frozen (1) together. It was a test, as she finds a lot of stories too scary to watch. But as she has been watching the songs on Youtube a lot, we read a book with the storyline a lot, she was well enough prepared for the scary bits. Daughter watched the whole movie beginning to end. Some bits she hid herself behind the blanket and some bits that I expected to be too scary she leaned forward to the screen.

A wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.