Ten years ago, the title for this post would be odd. Ten years ago I read books all the time, so probably finished reading two books every week. These past few years, reading a book became more like a marathon less like a sprint. Lack of energy to keep my focus is the main culprit since putting Daughter on this world.

The past few weeks the combination of stay at home measurements and the kid returning to daycare (and starting school), have proven to be circumstances to get me back into reading. The books I chose to buy and start reading are all an aid towards a better understanding of the topics I’m working on: using less data surveillance technology, become better at storytelling. Today I managed to finish one of those books. On asking better questions using Socratic techniques. After breakfast I settled back on my bed and finished it before lunchtime. I can’t remember the time I read so many hours uninterrupted. Hoping for more of those days!