I gave up on the idea that Daughter would start school before summer break. September was my mental anchor since her school announced that due to corona measures it was impossible to start the new class in which Daughter was placed. The new teachers were needed in other classes and it wouldn’t be the best circumstances to start school anyway. Then government started to receive many complaints of parents of four year olds that their kids were not welcome when schools reopened after corona closure. The government warned schools that they are not allowed to refuse kids.

Thursday morning I opened my mail and read a message from school. They found new teachers and all kids who turned four the past few weeks were welcome at last. And classes start next week. Yikes!

Off I went to the shops with Daughter to prep her outfit for school. She was allowed to choose a backpack, a lunch box and water bottle all by herself. Her choices summarise what influences her these days. Frozen movies and the abundance of unicorn swag of which her older niece is a huge fan.


Now what’s left is the mental preparation of her mother for having a daughter in school.