Many years ago, when it was still perfectly normal to invite a lot of people into your home, the Man and I bought two cylinders of shapescapes as objects of play for one of our unconferences. We never really used them afterwards, but nonetheless we kept them all these years. After our move to the new place they ended up on the highest shelf of one of our former bookcases which now serve as storage space on our top floor.

When Daughter grew a bit older she discovered the shapescapes. Probably drawn to it because of the colours shining through the transparent cylinder or the interesting letters. When she was old enough to handle the shapes (as we call them in our household) she started putting them together. The shapescapes still reside on the top floor. Every now and then I go there (folding laundry is one activity taking place in that space) and find new sculptures lying around. Daughter gets shapescapes better than I ever could. At least the Man can feel less guilty about buying them all those years ago. He bought them for the Daughter we didn’t know we would have.

Sculptures by Daughter