As it turned out the Tombow pen I bought last week is great for covering large surfaces, but its flexible point makes it hard to draw circular patterns with evenly thick lines. Peter’s enthusiasm for fountain pens starts to creep into my life and I started searching wether a fountain pen could serve as a drawing alternative. I clearly remember assignments in art class which required using indian ink and pens. Those are a hassle to work with on the road, but could a fountain pen work as well for drawing? I discovered websites that showed you can indeed. Not by using indian ink, since that will clogg it’s flow mechanism, but plenty of other inks will do. I went back to the shop and bought a pen with thinnest point available and a pot of the cheapest ink available. I tested it and the point is still thicker than I’d like, but using the point upside down helps when in need of very thin lines. This pen is not suitable for covering large areas, but that’s where the Tombow can work its magic. The ink I bought is rather watery. That may also cause the lines to become thicker than I want. So my guess is to first look for better ink for drawing. Any recommendations, Peter?

Drawn with Lamy Safari EF