Until recently Daughter has been reluctant to draw actual things. My parental opinion is that she takes after me when it comes to perfectionism. Her mother is thirty-eight years ahead of her when it comes to drawing circles, so Daughter prefers my circles over hers. When she wants to draw a Sun, I draw the circle and she ads the sunbeams. But still, most of her drawings look similar to the one she made in daycare a little over a week ago.

I was totally convinced she could do more, but wasn’t ready to show it yet. Then two weeks she did start to add more purpose to her lines. She created abstract figures following the rules of zen drawing: taking it one line at a time and turn ‘errors’ into features.

So far Daughter attends the toddler group at daycare, for two to four year olds. When school starts in September she will move on to the after school care group. It is in the same building as her current group so she is allowed to attend her new group for a few days in the run upto full transition. Last week was her first day there and this is what she made:

Hello mum, dad, daughter and baby in the belly. Daughter told me that while she was drawing she sat next to a girl that used to be in her toddler group as well (who turned four a few months before Daughter did). I was right, she could draw more than she showed so far. But when surrounded by two years olds you draw like a two year old. When surrounded by four years old you draw like a four year old.

And now she is unstoppable.