Beavers became extinct in this country somewhere in the 19th century. Late twentieth century reintroduction programs started and since then the number of beavers living in our country grew. This map shows you sightings of beavers in The Netherlands in the past six months. As you can see, Flevoland, the province where we went for a hike yesterday, is a hot spot for beavers as well. Once we knew what to look for, we saw signs of beaver activity everywhere. Like small trees along the shores that had snapped.

Clearly due to beavers gnawing the tree trunk.

We spotted a lot of beaver sized paths as well. Interesting fact is that the beavers weren’t officially reintroduced in Flevoland, but their presence is the result of some of them escaping Natuurpark Lelystad (which is on the other side of the province). They clearly fare well on this side of the province too.