Ever since you blogged about seeing the documentary on Taylor Swift, and disclosed being a fan, Miss Americana was on my to watch list. I never really listened to Swift’s songs. I put her in the box of teenage artists singing about teenage heartbreaks. Swift was a girl when she first made it to Dutch radio and her songs were too sweet for me. But girls grow into women. That’s what the documentary Miss Americana shows. Taylor Swift is no longer a girl, but a woman who dares to take ownership of her own life and artistic content. My respect for her as an artist grew by watching the documentary. Afterwards I browsed through her albums and listened to some of her albums. I definitely prefer her latest three albums. They sound like an adult musician. And folklore, her pandemic record released this July, is a real gem. Thanks for disclosing your admiration for Taylor Swift, Peter. It made me put Swift in the right box, that of great female artists.