I’ve arrived at a new stage of parenting. The phase in which I need to reinforce certain core values while Daughter is confronted with kids with a different type of parents. Parents who have interesting ideas about what to bring to school for lunch. In The Netherlands that means sandwiches and cookies. Cookies? Yes, don’t ask me why. Somehow parents feel bad about stuffing their kids with fruit as a mid-morning snack every day, so they revert to ‘healthy’ cookies (still full of sugars and too much salt). Her school advocates two days a week as fruit days. If I were in the education business, I would advocate for five fruit days a week. Seven even, but you can’t have control over weekend days. Nonetheless I should be happy about having two fruit days a week. Daughter’s friend from daycare goes to a different school and they have one fruit day a week.

For snacks we put fruit and vegetables in Daughter’s lunch box. Daughter felt left out in the cookie department. I understood her position. Therefore I started to look for compromises. I looked at voedingscentrum.nl for advice. Dried fruits and nuts are considered healthy snacks. So the Man bought a bag of raisin boxes and extra nuts during his weekly visit to the supermarket. Parental love status repaired. For now.