I can’t seem to get rid of this cold. It was gone last week, it came back again this weekend, it was gone by Tuesday morning, but revisited the cavities in my head Tuesday night. Yesterday I managed to finish and publish a long article on my other site, but after dinner I felt wrecked. This morning my voice is nearly gone. Therefore I decided to stay in bed today, to give my body time to heal itself properly. To keep myself entertained I took the iPad to bed and opened Netflix. The top banner after opening the app presented me with My Octopus Teacher. Normally I’m not that into documentaries on nature, but for no other reason than curiosity I started playing it. I’ve watched it to the end and I can only say to you: never eat an octopus (I never did, by the way). They are too incredible to kill for a short moment of mindless chewing. They only live for a year. Let them live to die after creating offspring. Let the sharks feast on its body after many failed attempts to catch the darn beast while still alive. So yeah, my tip for you to watch today (or sometime soon) is My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. You won’t regret it.