I tested negative for covid-19 last Sunday. I didn’t expect to have covid, but still a relieve that I can go outside again. I asked to be called about my test result, but I haven’t been called yet. Tuesday morning I finally managed to log in to coronatest.nl and was pleasantly surprised to see the test results were already in. I’m glad I tried, otherwise I would still be waiting for nothing.

Generally speaking The Netherlands is doing badly in terms of containing viral spread. Since the beginning of August the number of infected people was already rising, but mainly among young people (below thirty). Government didn’t really know how to respond other than blaming young people for not following the basic rules of keeping distance. The number of people in need of hospitalization was still low. That quickly changed in September. Only last week the rules were tightened again (mainly aimed at lowering group sizes) and we have to wait and see whether that is enough to bend the curve. I expect a firm lock-down will be announced next week. For now the virus is happily spreading among all age groups.

Today we got a message from Daughter’s daycare that one of the employees that interacts with kids in after school care will probably test positive, since they had a room mate confirmed with covid-19. It was a pre-warning message. We figured out that Daughter didn’t interact with this person since she last went to daycare, last Thursday (it’s now Wednesday, seven days later)). Chances of infection are minimal. As long as she doesn’t show any signs of illness she is allowed to attend school. It does give me a headache, though, knowing that covid-19 is turning up in Daughter’s circles and that we need to figure out what such a message means in terms of going to school or not. As for work it’s all rather simple. Work from home. As I always do.

So it’s back to small life again. As long as Daughter is able to attend school, I can work. She already stayed in for a week in September. I expect more of similar weeks to come during Autumn and Winter. I will not be going to town other than for necessary shopping. No coffee at Bagels and Beans for a while. Instead I will take Man and Daughter on hikes during the weekend. And bike rides. Fingers crossed it will not rain as much.